about us

Background of the business.

Livity ICT company is a, black owned company focused on offering information and communication technology services to the market. LIVITY ICT was founded in 2013, with a vision of growing into a recognised competitive I.C.T provider, in particular with the aim of up skilling and empowering the youth so that they may contribute meaningfully to the development of the economy of the country.


Background/history of the business.











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Vision ,  Mission  & Objectives


To become a reliable technology professional partner.              



To partner with our customers and clients to ensure they realise full value of ICT and achieve growth through technology Objectives.



> To provide the best service available to our customers at an affordable price.


> To generate substantial market share so that Livity ICT is a common house hold and enterprise technology partner.


> To generate constant growth in profits from start up throughout the years of operations.


> To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 80% of our customer base is repeat business.


> To produce a knowledgeable and caring work force to advance and adapt to technological trends worldwide.


" Your TRUE I.C.T SOLUTION PARTNER "